Lord’s glorious presence

I am the leader of the Esther Prayer Group in our area. During the prayer time, it was wonderful when we sisters were filled with the presence of the Lord and rejoiced in Him.

- Juliet, Dakka, Bengal.

Added Blessings
I enrolled my daughters Meghna and Bhuvaneswari in Young Partners Plan and now we are witnessing how my daughters are being favored in the sight of man and God. our Lord is being so merciful that both my daughters' heart's desires are being fulfilled.  
- Analakumari, Guntur.
Excellence & Divine Wisdom For The Young Partner
I have been enrolled in young partners plan since the age of 2, I have enjoyed the guidance of God till this very day. I have been blessed with the great reputation in my school as well as society. God has gifted me with opportunities that have secured my future and I am still continuing to giving thanks for the blessings I receive each day.
- Kadambari, Bangalore.