Prayer Festivals are conducted throughout the globe wherever the Lord leads the Dhinakarans to convey the Love and compassion of Jesus Christ to the people of that region. We were enthralled with the love and compassion our Lord has for the people of Bidar, Karnataka. Our Lord reigned supreme over the great multitude, by restoring their health, healing their bodies and delivering their souls.  The 3-day meeting brought incomprehensible miracles and unhindered deliverance.

With an immense burden for the deliverance of the people in Bidar, Jesus Calls Ministry set-up a Prayer Tower in the city of Bidar and Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran along with the ministers of God, inaugurated the Prayer Tower in the morning of the first day. Bidar - Jesus Calls Partners meet was organized on the 14th morning of the second day and was a tremendous blessing for the partners of Jesus Calls Ministry. The partners were given an opportunity to meet in person, Dr.Paul Dhinakaran and Sis. Evangeline, and received prayers for their needs.

The Bidar prayer festival was organized at BV Bhoomaraddi College, Gumpha Road, Bidar, Karnataka on the 13th, 14th and 15th of October, 2017. The power of God filled the place bringing healing and deliverance to the people of Bidar. God, through His divine grace, answered our prayers in holding the rain and granting favourable weather throughout the three days meeting. Several people from the regions of Gulbarga and Raichur and even from the State of Maharashtra in addition to the people from Bidar region took part in this Prayer Festival.

The District in-Charge Minister of Bidar, Ishwar Kandere, MLA, Sri Rahim Kahn and other leaders of the city, dignified the event by their esteemed presence. Various church leaders including the Administrative Secretary of the Methodist Church, Rev. David Nathaniel attended these meetings and graced the occasion.

The organizing team inclusive of Rev. M.P.Jayapaul (Chairman), John Wesley (Co-Chairman), Prakash Kote, H.Vasanth, Vijayakumar, E.Kumar, Gnanaprakash, Sunil Bachchan along with several other members had organized the Bidar Prayer Festival in an excellent manner.The prayer Festival began at 5:30 in the evenings with ‘praise and worship’ captivating the people by the presence of God.  Few testimonies of the miracles that the Lord had done through Jesus Calls ministries were shared by people to the thousands who gathered. There were over 60,000 people who gathered each day to hear God’s word through the Dhinakarans.

It was a graceful evening all the three days, filled with the mighty presence of God. On the first and third day of the meeting, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran delivered the word of God to the thousands who gathered. A greater revelation of God's blessings was established in the hearts of the multitude. Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prayed for the blessings and deliverance of the people. God revealed the names and sicknesses of the people precisely to Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, strongly confronting them of what the Lord dislikes in them.  On the second day, Sis. Evangeline Paul Dhinakaran shared the word of God encouraging the multitude to trust in the Lord who restores everything that they have lost.  All the three days, thousands were touched by the Word of God and were delivered out of their bondages and addictions. Many were healed of their sickness and many received the anointing of the Holy Spirit. 


Every day, during the end of the meeting, thousands of people thronged at the sides of the podium to testify the miracle they received through the Lord during the prayers of the Dhinakarans. Many who received miracles and deliverance through Jesus Calls ministries travelled from far across, to participate in the Bidar meeting and testify their supernatural encounter to the people of Bidar. Many testimonies arouse right during the three day’s meeting and few were given a moment to testify to the people about the miracle and deliverance they received during the meeting.  The presence of God filled the place bringing joy and peace of Jesus Christ to all the people.  Every individual returned home with deliverance and a greater anointing.

Senthil Kumar was associated with evil habits and engrossed with demons. He began to push his limits to the extreme end with his habits. He was inebriated with every possible substance that intoxicated his body, mind and soul. Satan brought him down through these habits and Senthil lost everything in life. Doctors had told him that both his kidneys have failed. He was literally on the streets, and one day he accidentally landed on a Jesus Calls Television Program where Dr. Paul Dhinakaran called out his name as the Lord revealed to him. Senthil felt a fire striking him from above. He testified that the power of God liberated him from his habits completely right from that moment. He was in tears thanking the Lord for placing new kidneys and giving him a new beginning. 

A glorifying testimony of Fredrick who received instant healing from the back pain he had over the past days. He came to Bidar meeting with severe pain and he hoping to be healed. His faith in the Lord multiplied as the pain he had, disappeared when Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prayed for people who are suffering from back pain. Fredrick was happy and thankful to the Lord for the deliverance he received on that day.

Jessica strode to the podium with her daughter Lydia to testify the gift of a child from our Lord. Jessica was eagerly anticipating for a child but it nearly impossible for her to be conceived. The Lord promised her through a Jesus Calls TV program as Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. She thanked the Lord for strengthening her premature baby into a beautiful young girl.

After two consecutive miscarriages, Suhasini sought the prayers of the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower and received the blessing of her womb. The prayer warriors fervently prayed for her that she was conceived with no delay. Later her newborn daughter had health problems and was unable to stand on her feet. She gladly testified about how her ill-fated child blossomed into the joy of the family. The child became active and began to walk when Sis. Evangeline Paul prayed. Glory to God!


Saroja, a 70 year old mother was diagnosed positive for cancer in the Biopsy observed earlier this month. On the first day of the meeting her daughter who attended the Prayer Festival called her sister and asked her to place the phone over the mother's ears while Dr. Paul Dhinakaran was praying for people suffering from cancer. The next day they checked with the doctor and realized that she was healed. Saroja’s daughter brought her straight to the 3rd day of the Bidar meeting to glorify the name of the Lord. She thanked the Lord and testified to the people with the reports of the doctor. Glory be to God Almighty!

Shirley Naveen from Hassan, Karnataka listed out the wonders our Lord performed in her family. Her father was murdered and her mother was falsely accused of the murder. Deeply distressed, the family lost peace and hope. It was then she heard late Bro. DGS Dhinakaran calling her out by her name through a Jesus Calls TV program telecasted on 'God' channel. The Lord promised her to build her future and give peace to the family. Likewise, her sisters got married almost immediately and the accusation on her mother was disproved. She was worried about the delay in finding a partner. The Lord straightened her path with His promise for her again through Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, calling her name in a Jesus Calls TV Program. She thanked the Lord for building her future and for her wonderful children.

God has made Jesus Calls Ministry a channel of blessing and deliverance for countless people. This prayer festival was organized so perfectly by the abundant grace of God and by the immense support of the partners and well-wishers of this ministry. Our prayers and aspirations are that not one soul who participates in these meetings must leave the premises without healing and deliverance. For this purpose the Jesus Calls ministries stand at the gap, interceding to God for His favour. Many of such meetings will dawn all around the world transforming societies and generations, forever. Jesus Calls is always thankful at heart for all the organizers, churches & Pastors of the city of Bidar and the Volunteers who represented God’s Kingdom through their noble services. 

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