"Truly I am blessed", "I have won", "No Fear", "My Future is secure", these are the repeated words of Young Partners across the globe.

Enrol as a young partner and enjoy God's favour. If you are already a Young Partner, we thank you as you continue to support the ministry each month through the Young partner’s plan and help to wipe away the tears of millions. As prayers are offered for you daily in the Prayer Tower as you give, God will return all the blessings manifold to you as the millions of people receive their blessings because of you. You will increase a thousand times (Isaiah 60:22, Deu. 1:11).

Here is a Young Partner narrating her achievement...

I was enrolled in the Young Partner's Plan even when I was a small child. I grew under the protection of prayer offered by the Jesus Calls Prayer Ministry. Just two days before my 10th Std board exam I had fever and the temperature did not come down. I was taken to a nearby hospital but the treatment was not helpful and so I was moved to another hospital and there it was diagnosed as Dengue fever. I had to be admitted in the hospital but I was so particular that I should go home and prepare for my exam. As I came home, I was full of tears not knowing how I am going to write my exams. In this situation, we started calling the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower for prayers and I also used the prayer in the student prayer card. After writing the first exam, that night I started vomiting blood. My entire family was in panic. Yet we did not give up hope but continued calling the Prayer Tower and got the assurance of getting healed through the prayers of the prayer intercessors. Yes, I got healed miraculously. Only because of prayers I could complete all my exams and get a score of 96% with a total 481/500. I made a vow that I will give 10 times the marks I score as on offering and now I am here to testify and give that offering thanking God for His mercy.

- Refuge Lydia Christy, Chennai.

By now, your children too will be receiving their exam results. Do not fail to call our Prayer Tower or write to us, to share your blessings as Refuge Lydia Christy

Privileges of being a Young Partner:

  • Fervent prayers of Dhinakarans every day.
  • The prayer intercessors at the 24x7 Prayer Tower will pray calling out the names of the Young Partners every day, claiming God’s promise as assured in I Chronicles 4:10.
  • A special gift at the time of enrolment.
  • A certificate will be sent on completion of the donation, Rs. 3000
  • A special birthday card will be sent from the Dhinakarans.
  • Prayer Intercessors will call and pray on their birthday.
  • A promise verse will be sent every day through SMS.

You can also send your photos to ypp@jesuscalls.org with your name, date of birth and mobile number.

1800 425 7755 / 044-33 999 000